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The Edgeos Security Services Platform

Enhanced Business Value

The Edgeos platform was designed to enable you to develop and grow your business by offering managed security services for your customers.

Comprehensive Private Labeling

Every aspect of the Edgeos platform can be private labeled with your brand to provide your customers with a single interface and a turnkey security service.

  • User interface branded with your company's look and feel. Made to appear as an extension of your website.
  • Many built-in report templates including Network Overview, Differential, Business Impact, Technical Detail, and PCI Compliance, to name a few. All reports are automatically private labeled for your business and can be further customized for content, layout, style, data sets and more.
  • Create scanning servers/appliances, Interactive Threats Database, newsletter templates, and more all private labeled and included with the Edgeos platform.

Business Model Flexibility

Your business is in control of the right service offering and pricing model for your customers. Any of the following models are possible with Edgeos' platform:

  • Assessments to generate new revenue from remediation business and consulting.
  • Ongoing, automated vulnerability assessments with a set recurring monthly fee.
  • Charge per host scanned (unlimited number of scans).
  • Vulnerability scanning as part of a custom service offering.
  • Any other model that best suits your business and your customers.

Simple Pricing Model

Edgeos' pricing is literally tied to your success, scales as your usage grows, and is agnostic of company size.

  • Pricing based on number of unique hosts scanned per month.
  • Aggressive volume discounts applied automatically.
  • No hidden costs or setup charges.

Revenue Growth Engine

Use Edgeos' built-in Generate Leads feature to identify new remediation services opportunities every time your customers perform a vulnerability scan.

Continuous Brand Exposure

Keep your business at the top of your customers' minds as they utilize your web-based security services portal and realize real value from every interaction. Focus on your customers' security and in turn, they will stay focused on you.

Leading Capabilities

The Edgeos platform puts the power of advanced security services in your hands through rich functionality and capabilities.

Regulatory/Standards Compliance

Meets or exceeds all vulnerability scanning requirements for many regulations and industry standards (e.g. PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and many more).

Completely Web-Enabled

Completely browser-based, enabling secure interaction and management from any location.

External and Internal Scanning

Reach all segments of any network with external and internal scans, all integrated with a single user interface.

Extensive Scaleability

Scaleable across enterprises and networks of any size, and the ability to create scanning servers/appliances is included with the Edgeos platform.

Designed for Automation

Automated scanning adjustable to your business and customer needs. Automated custom reporting delivers comprehensive results to customers without manual intervention.

Interactive Data Analysis

The Interactive Report interface enables on-the-fly manipulation of vulnerability assessment results for remediation management and customized reporting. In addition to technical details, results can be summarized in many forms, including differentials, historical trending, threat overviews, and executive summaries.

Centralized Customer Management

Easy to use interface allows for centralized control of customer account creation, privileges, logins, roles, and other settings. Enable end-users to run their own security services through your company's security services portal.

Everything Is INCLUDED!

  • Unlimited scans for unique hosts
  • Private labeled security services portal
  • Sub-accounts for customer logins (private labeled)
  • Private labeled and customizable professional reports
  • "Master" account control of sub-account rights and permissions
  • Customizable Dashboard management and statistics interface
  • Automated new business "leads generator"
  • Private labeled threats database, including browse and search
  • Private labeled newsletter generator
  • Custom CD image to create scanning servers and/or appliances
  • Volume discounts applied automatically
  • Discovery, external, and internal scanning

More Details of the Edgeos Platform

Technical and Operational Specifications

For a greater overview, please see the Technical and Operational Specifications of the Edgeos Security Services Platform.

Private Labeled for Your Business

Every aspect of the Edgeos security services platform is private labeled for your business, including the full security services portal, accounts for your customers' logins, custom interactive and PDF reporting, management and remediation tools, and much more. Edgeos' platform enables your security services for your customers.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

The automation capabilities built into the Edgeos platform enable you to schedule periodic scans of target hosts and networks for your customers. You can also easily enable your customers to configure their own scanning and reporting schedules by providing them the ability to login to your private labeled security services portal, included in the Edgeos platform. Edgeos' pricing model allows for unlimited scans of unique hosts, enabling you to structure a scanning frequency that fits your customer's needs and works with your business model.

Professional Reporting

The automated reporting engine built into the Edgeos security services platform gives your business the power to deliver private labeled, customized reports to your customers without having to invest the time and energy into documentation and report generation.

As Needed, On Demand

In addition to automated recurring services, the Edgeos security services platform is also often used by services organizations to conduct diagnostic security assessments on a one time, as needed basis. The completely web-based, on demand platform obviates the need for the installation of software or hardware, and enables you to conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment without having to be on site at your customer's location.

Generating Sales and New Business

Beyond the significant efficiency gains, customer value created, and cost elimination, the Edgeos platform can help you identify areas of new opportunity as well. A security assessment will often reveal customers' vulnerabilities and security risks which can be addressed with your company's other products/services.

Internal and External Scanning

For those businesses that need to perform internal scans of hosts behind a firewall or on private IP addresses, the Edgeos platform can be utilized just as effectively. Your Edgeos-powered security services not only include the ability to perform remote external assessments, but also to create scanner appliances which can be deployed on any internal network segments as well.

Scanning Servers and Appliances

Included with the Edgeos platform is a bootable CD image to create scanner appliances. All of the services enabled by the Edgeos platform, both internal and external, are accessible through the same centralized, private labeled, web interface. Thus, your business can deploy automated scanning servers within customer networks but your security services are still conducted and managed from any remote location.

Edgeos Demo

See how the Edgeos platform enables your business to provide security services for your customers:


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