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Nessus Knowledge Base Option Details

GUI Client Section Scan Options
GUI Client Name Port range
Configuration File Section (.nessusrc) SERVER_PREFS
Configuration File Name (.nessusrc) port_range
Command Line Short Name
Command Line Long Name None
Required Minimum Nessus Version None
Default Value / Setting default
The value specified here will be used as the range of ports to scan during the port scan portion of the Nessus scan. This field allows a special value of "default" which is expanded to the port range of 1-15000. The value specified here is used by either the Nessus built-in port scanner(s), or Nessus will also pass this value with the -p flag to the external nmap port scanner. Of note, for this value to be passed to the external nmap port scanner, the Prefs - Nmap - Port range - User specified range option needs to be selected. To scan alll the TCP ports on the target host, enter "1-65535" in this field. This option can be specified in either (or both) the Nessus client configuration file (.nessusrc) and the Nessusd server configuration file (nessusd.conf). The entry in the server configuration file will override any client-specified value.
Considerations & Impacts
Enable Considerations
Disable Considerations
Scan Results Impact
Target Host Impact
Target Network Impact
External Dependencies
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